1900 Fifth is a Bar + Lounge in Downtown Seattle.

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Soak up the relaxing atmosphere.

1900 FIFTH has a long history of being one of downtown Seattle’s vibrant social hubs, where locals came to work and play. Our history dates back to the 1920’s when we were home to the Pacific Northwest’s largest theater and Seattle’s flourishing music scene. 1900 Fifth is embracing its roots and bringing back the spirit of 1900 FIFTH with a carefully curated wine and crafted cocktail experience, paying homage to the Pacific Northwest’s freshest flavors and awe-inspiring natural backdrop. Whether you are looking to relax or rise up to the occasion, 1900 FIFTH is for the spirited, the inspired and the innovative.

bartender pouring a mixed drink through a colander into a clear glass
Craft Beverages

Sample curated wines, craft cocktails in our sophisticated wine and cocktail bar.

close up of appetizer small plates, cocktail, wine glass, and beer at wooden dining table
Small Plates

Discover delicious small plates in a stylish, modern atmosphere.